Shooting with Lauren In Manayunk

Last week Lauren and I finally linked up! We'd shot before (getting lost in Budd's Factory), but it had been quite a while.

 We went down a trail in Manayunk so we could go out on the river. But, along the way we found a slightly unkept lot of trailers. So, of course we opened one up and hopped in the back. Huge shoutout to the the guy checking on the trailers who seemed confused but understanding when he ran into us. You're the real MVP. :) 

I'd be lying if I said that Lauren's Yosemite shirt didn't make me a little nostalgic. Maybe I'll go back soon.


I've been shooting a lot with the Sigma 35mm 1.4 art a lot. It's a great lens. That on my D800 + a Mamiya 645 and 80mm 2.8 are the perfect digital/film shoot combo for me.

Back in the good ole factory, about two hours before we were stumbling around in the dark freaked out that we would be stuck in there overnight.   Shot on Portra 800 with a Mamiya 645.

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