About a month ago I hopped in the back of a pickup truck with six other people, and went off camping in Maine for a weekend! Huge thanks to Stephen Sutter  for leading the trip, and inviting me. 

Most of the photos were developed and scanned over at the fantastic Indie Photo Lab! The last eight photos were shot on NIcholas Koenig's Sony A7II which he let me borrow.


A Photoshoot with the Huenke's

The other day I had the pleasure of shooting photos with the Huenke's! I always enjoy hanging out with these guys, and this time around was no different!

We decided to meet up at Maple Acres Farm in Plymouth Meeting.

 At Maple Acre Farms I'm never quite sure if I'm on someone's back porch, or if they just want us to relax. . . 

At Maple Acre Farms I'm never quite sure if I'm on someone's back porch, or if they just want us to relax. . . 

 I love that golden sunset light!

I love that golden sunset light!

We had about an hour of good light to work with, as we'd timed our arrival around the beautiful light of sunset. I think it worked out!


I think it all worked out really well!

Gearing up for the Dad Vail Regatta!

This weekend I'm going to be shooting photos at the Aberdeen Dad Vail Regatta.. According to, and the all-knowing Wikipedia, "The Aberdeen Dad Vail Regatta is the largest collegiate regatta in the United States, with over 100 colleges and Universities from the U.S. and Canada. Thousands of student athletes gather to compete during the weekend of the second Saturday of May"  Sounds fun! You should consider checking it out, this weekend, starting May 8th.

  But first things first: To kick off this week Aberdeen decided to bring a few notable people together for a fun row-off along the Schuylkill River!

Philadelphia 76ers Ambassador of Basketball World B. Free, former Philadelphia Flyer Brian Propp and former Philadelphia Eagle Fred Barnett, and the new 76er's mascot, Franklin, competed in a row-off using two ergometers (land-based rowing machines).  Before jumping on the ergometers a few Drexel students taught them helpful stretches, and demonstrated proper form.

After a couple of competitive rounds Franklin, the 76er's mascot, won! Whoever you are, in that costume, I'm super impressed. Even with all of that on, you managed to win!

That was just the start!

Are you ready for the regatta this weekend? I am! Hopefully I'll see some of you out there!

A Mini Birthday Session? There were cupcakes? Count me in!

This past weekend I got to photograph a "mini-birthday-celebration"! Even though it was really short, I really enjoyed it! I've decided to offer mini-sessions. It doesn't matter how long your event/milestone is. Less than an hour? I'm in. Less than half an hour? I'm in. Whatever length of time you're spending on something, I would be more than happy to capture those Important moments.  


So, I showed up at the birthday-house, said hi to everyone, and we started the main event: CUPCAKES!


The cupcakes came out. They were promptly eaten, but mostly by the birthday girl. She tried everyone's cupcake! I wonder if they were each different somehow? Well, only she knows for sure!


After 15 minutes, and a family photo, we were all done. Simple, fast, and fun! We got some great photos out of it. I think there's something to be said for just taking photos, living in the moment, and moving quickly!

Happy Birthday Alice! 

I really like the idea of mini-sessions. We so often forget to capture the small, yet important, moments. Sometimes they go by so fast that we don't have time to even try! The amount of time something takes doesn't define the significance of it! If it's important to you, that's all that matters. 

Elbert And Tori's Wedding Shower


Recently I photographed the Wedding Shower of the wonderful Elbert and Tori (soon to be Mr. and Mrs. Saddler)! Great people, great food, and great planning all came together to celebrate a fantastic couple in the days leading up to their wedding!

You can't go wrong with a theme of "Love is brewing". While they both do like beer, the theme is even more poignant considering their love for actually brewing it themselves. Tori's very own gluten-free beer made an appearance! 

There was a speech, lots of presents,  a couple of strange hats made from bows off the presents, delicious food, and of course a very happy couple getting ready for "Happily Ever Saddler". Everyone had a great time, and they still have the actual  wedding to look forward to!

I can't wait to watch Elbert and Tori get married! They're a fantastic couple who I have the pleasure of personally knowing. Here's to a great wedding, for an even greater couple!

A walk by the Schuylkill River

The other day I grabbed a Yashica Mat 124G, my phone, and a Nikon D800 and took a walk down along the Schuylkill River. Mostly I just used the Yashica. While it produces lower contrast, "lomography" style photos, and completely falls apart in the face of glare, It's still a fun camera to use. It's very light, non-threatening, and a good conversation starter as well! It's a great camera for shooting photos that I don't take seriously. They're only snapshots, but it's fun to just shoot whatever, and not worry about the results as much.




I also had, as always, my phone with me.

 The one time I pulled out my D800

The one time I pulled out my D800